List of Senior Honors Theses 2020

Asai, Futaba. “Americanization of the Comfort Women Issue: Controversy over Human Rights versus Anti-Japanese Sentiment”                              

Fukuda, Minori. “A Rise in Hate Crimes Against American Muslims After 9/11 in the US: Stereotypes Created by the Media and History”                                                                                                            
Ikuma, Rui.  “Fashion Industry and Racialization in the US: Thinking about Diversity from Discrimination and Inequality against Minority Fashion Models”    

Kagawa, Saki. “The Spread Popularity of Blues in the US: The Relationship between Changing Blues Music and the US Citizens”         

Koga, Miu. “The American Wheat Strategy and Japanese Bread Culture after WWII”  

Miyata, Nozomi. “A History of Food Localization in Hawaii”            

Nishihara, Miyabi. “The Amish and Tourism in the 21st century: The Development of Lancaster Tourism and its Influence on the Amish Community”    

Ogasawara, Momoka. “The Model Minority Tragedy: Confronting the Asian American Stereotypes”   

Taniguchi, Ayaka. “The Experiences of Japanese Canadians from the Late 19th Century to the Post-War Period”       

Ueno,  Maho. “Globalization of Japanese Foods and Its Culinary Cultures”                       
Wajima, Sakura. “Lights and Shadows of Tribal Casinos: Economic and Sociocultural Impacts on Native Americans in US Reservations”                                                                                                               
Yagawa, Saki. 「フランスのテロワール思想の国内外への影響ーチーズと原産地呼称制度」 

Yamada, Eresa. “Japanese Attitude towards Religion in Postwar Japan”                                                             

Seminar Paper

Hasama, Nao. “The Mexican Immigrants in the Present-day US: How Their Situation Changed Under the Obama and Trump Administration”