List of Senior Honors Theses and Seminar Paper 2016

Senior Honor Theses

Fukuda, Kana. “The Years of Struggles: Movements and Supports for African American Education After the Civil War”

Murata, Seigo. “Japanese-Brazilian Children in Japan: Their Current Situations under the Japanese Educational System”

Nakatogawa, Emi. “The Experience of Japanese Americans in the Internment Camps during World War II: Its History and Contemporary Interpretations in the U.S. Society”

Okamura, Masashi. “Lowriders Cultural Pride and Hope on Cars in Anglo-American Mainstream Society in Los Angeles (Beginning of the 20th Century-1970s) ” 

Sasaki, Ayaka. “Transnational Comfort Women Issues in the United States From the Perspective of Korean Americans and Other Asian Americans”

Shirayama, Aya. “The Complex Identity of Kibei: The Experiences of the 2nd-generation Japanese Americans who lived in both Japan and the US”

Takabatake, Akiko. “Afro-Cuban music in Japan: Its acceptance and influences in the 20th Century”

Seminar Paper

Maki, Ayako. “Irish Americans and Their Ties With Homeland, Ireland”