List of Senior Honors Theses and Seminar Papers 2015

Senior Honor Theses

Akino, Narumi. “The Roles of Ethnic Media on the Asian American Communities: A Case Study of Rafu Shimpo”    

Shota, Arai.  “The Working Conditions of Japanese Brazilians in Japan after the 2008 Financial Crisis”                 

Shiraishi, Kaori. “The Kachigumi/Makegumi Conflict in Brazil: Its Social and Psychological Influence on the Japanese Community”                                                                         

Tsukioka, Wakana. “Integration and Segregation of Non-European Immigrants in Sweden since the 1980s: An alternative Approach to Include them into a Mainstream Society”

Yamaji, Sachiko. “The Legal Issues of Contemporary Mexican Immigrants in the United States”        

Seminar Papers

Hamano, Shinichi. “Hong Kong-China Relationship: The Reason Behind the Anger of the People in Hong Kong”                                                              

Yokota, Natsumi. “The Portrayal of Hmong Americans in Gran Torino”