2018.12.02 / Category : Blog
Sophia Symposium 2018の開催(12月14日ー16日)

これまでの科研の成果発表として、Sophia Symposium 2018を開催いたします。是非お越し下さい。

シンポジウム:Practicing Power in the Global Asia-Pacific: Environments, Migrants and Womanhood
場所:上智大学 中央図書館8階 L-821号室
This symposium brings together scholars from the US, Switzerland and
Japan to examine trans-Pacific migrations, circulations, flows and
networks from the late 19th century until the present. The symposium
consists of three parts: 1) “The Social and Political History of
Whaling and Fishing in the 19th- and 20th-century Pacific,” 2) “Women,
Bodies and Power in the Asia-Pacific,” and 3) “Trans-plantation:
Colonial Sugar Networks in the Asia-Pacific.” Our central discussion
will focus on various forms of materials, entities and agencies that
crisscrossed and connected the Pacific, including people, the
environment, animals, ships, skills, and ideas. At the same time, we
will consider the meanings and roles of the Pacific Ocean as a space
through which multi-layered networks and relationships have been
constructed between Asia, the Pacific Islands and North America.